After undergoing a massive aesthetic redesign, the Project Area Committee and General Plan Advisory Committee (PAC/GPAC) voted to approve UCSB plans for the San Clemente graduate student housing project Wednesday night.

Members of the PAC/GPAC met to listen to a presentation of the revised San Clemente housing project to be located on Storke Field adjacent to El Colegio Road. The committee also approved a request for more funds to buy recording equipment for their meetings and discussed details pertaining to two new plans for Del Playa Drive to be included in the Isla Vista Master Plan’s environmental impact review.

Marc Fisher, associate vice chancellor of Facilities Management, and Tye Simpson, director of Campus Planning and Design, presented the newly redesigned San Clemente housing project.

“It’s a very different project from last time,” Fisher said. “The plans are organized around a series of courtyards. It’s a bit Spanish colonial. There are terracotta tile roofs, plaster yards and low walls.”

The plans also include a parking structure built to accommodate all San Clemente residents, which would concentrate traffic onto Stadium Road, rather than El Colegio, as the PAC/GPAC suggested.

PAC/GPAC members unanimously approved the new design, with two members abstaining. However, the approval came with several additional recommendations, including postponing construction of a planned parking lot on the corner of El Colegio and Los Carneros Roads and installing sight poles so the public can more easily gauge how tall the building will stand before it is built. PAC/GPAC members said the construction of the parking lot should not occur before UCSB is sure they can fill enough units to justify building the extra spaces.

Though the PAC/GPAC agreed to support the housing project, co-chairs of Associated Students Environmental Affairs Board told the committee during a period of public comment that they were against it.

“We are strongly opposed to the size and scope of the San Clemente project,” said No