Chancellor Henry Yang and his wife Dilling were among the spectators to a heated debate over a tobacco-related bill at Wednesday night’s meeting of the Associated Students Legislative Council.

The council continued their discussion from last week on Off-campus Representative Jared Renfro’s proposed bill to allow A.S.-sponsored groups to accept funding from tobacco companies. Several members of the council came prepared with statements both in support of the bill and against it. Off-campus Rep Lance Tackett said he was concerned by the “ethical considerations of dealing with the tobacco industry.”

On-campus Rep Adam Graff also opposed the bill and said he felt it was important for A.S. to “make an example” by not endorsing tobacco funding.

“If an organization wants to be funded by these companies, under [the existing policy] they can, just not through A.S.,” Graff said.

Renfro spoke several times on behalf of the bill during the discussion, emphasizing the need to give students the choice of whether to accept tobacco funds or not.

“This is not about loving or hating tobacco companies; this is about divesting power from the council and allowing students to decide for themselves who they should support,” Renfro said.

After half an hour of deliberation, the bill came to vote and was denied by a majority of the council. Rep-at-large Katie Joaquin said she was happy with the discussion.

“It’s important that we have that diversity of thought, regardless of whether or not they know it will receive the majority support,” Joaquin said.

In his weekly report, External Vice President for Local Affairs Logan Green presented to the council the I.V. Action Group’s (IVAG) proposal to limit on-campus parking on weekends and holidays like Halloween in response to the influx of out-of-town partiers. Green said the proposal, which has just been drafted, would restrict the sale of on-campus parking permits to out-of-town visitors from midnight to 4 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday nights, and on Halloween and the day after.

Some council members expressed concerns that restricting on-campus parking would lead to overcrowding in I.V. Graff said he was against the IVAG’s proposal.

“I think this is an overblown solution to a problem that only presents itself on Halloween. It’s ridiculous,” Graff said.

The IVAG is a group headed by physics Professor Harry Nelson and supported by Chancellor Yang, Green said.

Two other bills were also presented: one that would add to the A.S. By-Laws’ formal procedures for replacing legislative council members after they resign or are removed, and one that proposed some minor adjustments to executive officer requirements and duties in the by-laws. The bills were received positively but were tabled for consideration until next week in accordance with council procedure.

The council passed three appointments that were recommended by the Committee on Committees, which is in charge of filling A.S. offices. Brandy Huffer was appointed Legal Resource Center representative-at-large, Ethan Smith was appointed constitution and By-Laws representative-at-large, and Joel Galster was appointed to the Media Relations Committee.