The UCSB women’s swimming team defeated the University of San Diego 143-103 last Saturday at UCSB.

The Gauchos took first place in 10 of 14 events with standout performances from senior Stephanie Netzley; juniors Lindsay Dalonzo, Abby Murad and Emily Murad; and freshman Jennifer Schwalb.

“We trained very hard,” UCSB Head Coach Gregg Wilson said. “The team was tired coming into the meet. I said just race and see what happens, and we won. I thought the meet was going to be much harder than it was. I had a strong lineup set up because I thought it would be more of a challenge.”

“All around, we had a good swim,” senior team captain Colleen Barnett said. “However, the times were not the fastest.”

Barnett took first place in the 500-meter freestyle and placed second in the 200-meter freestyle. Gaucho senior Stephanie Netzley won the 200-meter freestyle. Netzley finished second in the 200-meter backstroke behind junior teammate Lindsay Dalonzo. Dalonzo also won the 100-meter backstroke, the only Gaucho to win two events.

“Stephanie [Netzley] has been our most consistent competitor. She hasn’t had a bad meet all year. She’s very solid,” Wilson said. “Lindsay has been very encouraging. She struggled the first part of the year but focused hard and competed very well. She’s taken big steps forward.”

Juniors and twins Abby and Emily Murad ended a neck-in-neck 1000-meter freestyle one and two, respectively, blowing away San Diego’s competition.

“They gave a solid effort in the 1000 freestyle. They swam well in strategy,” Wilson said.

Clocking in good times, freshman Jennifer Schwalb won the 200-meter butterfly but took second place behind USD’s All-American swimmer sophomore Ashley Swart in both the 200-meter breaststroke and the 400-meter IM.

“I did okay. I didn’t do as great as I had expected,” Schwalb said.

Throughout the year, UCSB has progressed well. Last fall, UCSB had its best initial meet ever against UCLA and was very encouraged by the start. Wilson described the fall as very productive but was disappointed by the mixed results in December. The last few meets have helped the Gauchos get back on track.

“We started out strong and some continued but others got sick. Team wise, we were not maximized like we wanted to be,” Wilson said.

Next weekend, the Gauchos will take on rival University of Nevada, Las Vegas at UCSB. The Gauchos beat the Rebels last December at a UNLV invite and look forward to winning again.

“I feel we’re doing well this season, getting better and better. We’ve become more supportive, always cheering each other on,” Schwalb said. “We’re going to beat UNLV.”