Editor, Daily Nexus,

A partisan Republican would have little or no difficulty painting me as a member of the liberal elite.

The liberal elite is composed of individuals who are politically liberal. Their elite status is derived from their educational or career achievements, their status in society or their wealth. Republicans imply, when they mention the term liberal elite, that they are elitists. They enjoy their status or wealth, seek to exclude others from their group and look upon the unwashed masses with contempt. Exactly the same way liberals usually think of diehard conservatives.

To be fair, most partisan Republicans don’t think that all genuine Democrats are members of this liberal elite. There are also union members, people too lazy to work that live off of welfare, the gullible and the stupid. Republicans don’t want those people in the Grand, once Gallant, Old Party.

I hope the reader appreciates the irony and logical inconsistencies in this partisan Republican point of view.