I am running for the office of district supervisor because I am passionate about keeping this district pristine and natural while nurturing economic growth and planning with the input and involvement of the people that live here.

The public needs to be aware, and involved, in the decisions being made in their townships. If elected, I plan to reorganize this office so that funds can be put towards programs that will keep residents informed and engaged.

I plan on keeping the growth of the county budget on par with the growth of the population. Currently the growth in the county is at 1 percent annually, and our elected officials are spending an annual average of 12 percent over population growth rate.

I believe that property rights should be left in the hands of the homeowners and landowners so that they may use their own better judgment in how they maintain their property. I agree with this as long as they are conducting themselves responsibly and within the character of each individual community.

I want to stop re-zoning without respect to the property owner and the neighbors that it affects. I want to make sure that all homeowners and landowners are very aware each and every time a zoning change is being reviewed. And, I want to institute a much higher threshold for the justification of any re-zoning from this point on.

Safety must also be a priority. I want to mandate low speed zones around our schools on Highway 154 to help keep our children safe. I want to see reduced speeds and vehicle size and weight limits through the township corridor and on all of Highway 154.

I vow to carefully monitor the excessive distribution of liquor licenses, which will impact traffic, crime and serenity in the 3rd District. I plan to work closely with the Dept. of Alcohol Beverage Control to limit the number of liquor licenses issued in the 3rd District and to ensure that the ABC follows its own rules by acting as a neutral board and not on behalf of any special interest.

I want to instill a balance between economic and environmental concerns. I will give businesses the motivation to stay and grow in this part of the 3rd District while I work to protect the distinct beauty of our landscape and the precious wildlife that lives here. I support protecting our open spaces and endangered species, but not at any cost. I will support easing the restrictions on brush clearing and controlled burns and plan for designated fire breaks within the area.

I support easing the restrictions on 2nd units for our large agricultural parcels, so they may affordably house their workers and their family members. I am against any high-density housing in the unincorporated areas of the county.

And finally, I want to prevent the creation of knee-jerk plans like the Isla Vista parking plan where a tiny community is being saddled with a list of new parking permit requirements and fees without any details or justification. To me, this is an example of district planning at its worst.

Steve Pappas is a candidate for 3rd District supervisor of Santa Barbara County.