It seems rather unfortunate for your latest greatest hits CD to be released while you are being charged with child molestation, but such is the life of Michael Jackson. Despite his increasingly strange personal life, his professional career is impressively displayed on this album, which includes 17 #1 hits and a new song, “One More Chance,” recorded, ironically enough, with fellow accused pedophile R. Kelly.

If you have ever been a fan of Michael Jackson, this album is sure to please, with classic childhood ditties like “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Bad” and “Dirty Diana.” This compilation tracks songs from almost every one of his albums, and is a fairly comprehensive overview of his career, including songs from his most recent album, Invincible. Though the first 14 songs on Number Ones are musical staples of the’80s and early’90s, the inclusion of “Break of Dawn” and “You Rock My World” utterly confused me, as I had never heard them. But, since the album is called Number Ones, it must have been #1 on some chart – maybe in Japan?

The bottom line with a figure such as Michael Jackson is this: He makes great music. This CD wins my vote, no matter whose crotches he’s grabbing.
[Brenna Boyce doesn’t mince words about pop stars, so be thankful, MJ.]