This season has been exceptional for men’s water polo junior driver Brian Alexander. Aside from being named Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Player of the Week in October, Alexander has netted 63 goals this season, which is the most by any Gaucho in any season since 1995. With 78 career goals, Alexander finds himself on the UCSB all-time career scoring list. Yet, Alexander is known for being a good teammate and a positive influence both on and off the deck.

Alexander earned the MPSF award last month after his stunning game against Loyola Marymount on Oct. 11. Against the Lions, Alexander scored seven of the eight total goals, amazingly on seven out of his eight attempts.

“No one deserved it more that week,” UCSB Head Coach Joe O’Brien said. “Brian is the most dominating player, and might just be one of the best players I have ever seen at UCSB.”

“I feel that it is a big honor not only to be recognized, but also just to be up their with all the big names,” Alexander said.

Teammates and spectators alike can observe that skill that Alexander possesses.

“I have had the most fun playing with him, he is the most talented person I have ever played with,” senior captain Doug Arthur said.

Alexander is known and recognized for his skill offensively, but teammate senior two-meter Steve Traverso believes he should be recognized for his superior defense.

“I think that Brian’s greatest attribute is his defense. He is always matched up against the other team’s leading scorer, and he always shuts them down,” Traverso said. “He is a great all around player, not just offense.”

Alexander feels that this year he was able to learn a lot about himself as a player. He considers this to be his most mature season, feeling that through experience he learned a great deal about his own ability.

“Every game was an opportunity to grow and learn more,” Alexander said.

According to his coach and teammates, Alexander has really improved this season.

“Brian has always had the skill, now he has really matured and become more of a leader,” Arthur said. “He steps up when he needs to, and is just starting to reach his full potential as a player.”

Alexander has not broken Santa Barbara’s all-time record of 89 goals in a season, but plans on breaking it next year.

“It is unlikely that I will break the record this season since there are only three games left, but it is something I definitely would like to do,” Alexander said.

“Everyone around Alexander seems to be entranced,” O’Brien said. “I’m a huge Brian Alexander fan.”