Editor, Daily Nexus,

I understand that Isla Vista Master Plan meetings are not exactly Woodward and Bernstein material, but I was disappointed in the last two articles printed in the Nexus (“Indifference in I.V. Draws Crosby to SB,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 19; “I.V. Looks at Parking Plans,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 20), as both contain egregious errors in reporting that misrepresent the meetings’ events.

First, with regards to Steve Pappas and David Crosby’s visit to UCSB to discuss the I.V. Master Plan, it became very apparent within the first few minutes of their presentation that they were woefully uninformed on how the I.V. Master Plan process works. They described the process that occurred in Los Olivos – a process that does not even remotely resemble what has occurred in I.V.

Rather than focus on the substantive portion of the evening, the Daily Nexus instead chose to describe the “heated exchange” between Craig Geyer and Crosby – something which had nothing to do with issues being discussed.

Also, the article on the GPAC parking meeting misquoted both Chandler Briggs and myself.

Chandler Briggs never said he was in favor of the parking structure; he stated several times that he is against the parking structure. Given that he is the GPAC undergraduate representative, this error is inexcusable.

As for my quote that a parking structure was “just ugly,” I actually said a structure would be “ugly and expensive.” I also never indicated that the permit program would be expensive.

Developing the master plan is a complex process, but it affects everyone in I.V., including UCSB students. As the only campus newspaper, the Daily Nexus has responsibility to report accurately – and that its focus is on the right issues. Unfortunately, in the last two articles, the Daily Nexus has not lived up to that responsibility.