Associated Students Legislative Council convened Wednesday night for its last meeting of the quarter. Members of A.S. gave personal accounts of a confrontation that took place between students and police in a UC Board of Regents meeting Wednesday morning.

The majority of the meeting focused on what happened at the regents’ meeting at UCLA. Leg Council held the meeting without A.S. President Miguel Lopez, Internal Vice President Denise Aceves and External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Jewel Love, who were all still at UCLA for the regents’ meeting, which continues today.

The regents assembled to approve a set of principles that govern how UC would deal with the budget cuts it expects to receive in the governor’s January budget proposal. The budget cuts could include a 20 percent cut in UC funding from the state next year, according to the Associated Press.

A.S. Student Lobby Chair Fernando Ramirez, who was present at the regents’ meeting, said roughly 40 UCSB students from various student organizations drove together to the meeting in vans. UCLA students planned to protest the regents’ failure to take student input into account for next year’s budget solutions. Ramirez said of the roughly 200 student demonstrators, only about 40 students from multiple UC campuses were allowed inside the regents meeting.

Aside from discussing the regents’ meeting, the council passed a bill to amend the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee by-laws. Leg also passed a resolution encouraging the Office of Campus Planning and Design to vote for more environmentally friendly building policies.