Editor, Daily Nexus,

Monkeys are trapped using baited bottles attached to trees. Bottlenecks are wide enough for monkeys to slip arms in but narrow enough to prevent removing hands grasping peanut bait. Monkeys won’t drop bait to save their lives. Monkeys choose status quo over life as trappers bludgeon them. Dead monkeys.

Human beings, a more advanced species, drop inferior paradigms that do not provide peace, justice or security.

The past two months have tragically, unacceptably and unnecessarily cost us 40 Hurricane Isabel deaths, 22 California forest fire deaths, about 540 California vehicle deaths, about 360 California homicide deaths, about 480 California suicide deaths and similar obscene numbers of American war on terrorism deaths.

The usual three stages of any new radical truth are first, indifference, second, fear and third, acceptance. I look forward to the progress of my www.oceanchinampa.com proposal indicated by your advancement into annoyance and misrepresentation. Please drop your peanuts so we can go.

Neil Paul Baker is the Senior Developement Engineer for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, UCSB