Emerging from the underground with their second full-length album, anarcho-punks Against Me! are back and rocking as hard as ever. Their newest release, The Eternal Cowboy, resonates with the infectious hand-clapping, foot-stomping energy of their live shows. Though slightly more produced than their debut full-length, Reinventing Axl Rose, The Eternal Cowboy still rings with the awe-inspiring emotions that have given Against Me! its reputation as one of the hardest-rocking bands in the business.

Drawing from influences like Billy Bragg and the Clash, The Eternal Cowboy is a combination of beautiful acoustic and raw punk-rock anthems. Against Me! explore more personal themes in their current offering, more so than on Reinventing Axl Rose. Nevertheless, they manage to express their brand of ultra-charged political ideals in feverish songs like”Clich