Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is a reminder to support your local independent radio station, which just so happens to be situated beneath the familiar landmark that beckons from the center of campus, Storke Tower. Of course, I am referring to KCSB, which is a vital and distinguished part of your university.

It is important to highlight some of KCSB’s unique characteristics. Consolidation of ownership among media conglomerates makes the independent voices heard on the station more important than ever before. Several years ago, the rules restricting control of radio stations were loosened and the possibility remains that these will continue to be altered to conform to the likes of Clear Channel Communications.

KCSB holds a prominent position in the nationwide “chain” of independent radio stations. It has been chosen to host the 9th Annual Conference of the Grassroots Radio Coalition, which attracts not only representatives from similar radio stations across the country, but also media activists, meetings, workshops and performances.

What should matter to you is that KCSB provides a culturally enriching source of music, news and sports, alternative syndicated radio shows and community-related events. There are numerous speakers and artists whose appearance in the area is owed at least in part to the efforts of those at KCSB. Visits from those as dissimilar as Michael Moore and Ani DiFranco were made possible by the efforts of those behind the scenes at KCSB.

It should also be noted that KCSB provides ample opportunities for members of the campus community and beyond to be involved. I can tell you that the news department is run in a manner that provides training and guidance for those seeking it, as I have made use of those offerings myself.

While the door to the studios is physically closed, it remains metaphorically open to those who wish to become involved. Whether your interest is any variety of music, a public affairs emphasis, the technical aspect of radio production or promotion of activities in the wider community, you are encouraged to stop by and both contribute your efforts and gain experience in the process.

This Monday, Nov. 3, marked the start of the annual pledge drive which fuels KCSB for the rest of the year. Please contribute whatever you can and tune in to 91.9 FM.

Thank you.