The Santa Barbara County Planning Commission received a proposal to develop homes in the Naples area of the Gaviota coast.

The 54-home development proposed by Orange County developer Matt Osgood is the largest proposed development since the Bacara Resort and Spa. Osgood owns most of the 485-acre Santa Barbara Ranch at Naples.

The proposal sets aside 134 acres for protected open space, public trails, picnic areas, horse stables and scenic viewpoints. The plan also preserves 127 acres for orchards, pastures and croplands. The land is currently used to grow avocados, lemons, oranges, olives and lavender.

The proposal area is currently zoned mainly for agricultural use, with only one home per 100 acres. In order for the development to continue, the land must be rezoned to incorporate residential areas.

The proposal consists of mostly single-story homes ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 square feet, built on approximately four acres each. Nine homes would be built on bluffs and 38 would be on the north side of Highway 101. The seven remaining homes would be on the south side of the highway. The homes south of 101 would have barns and other equestrian features.

The planning commission has 30 days to approve the plan. If the proposal is then approved by the county board of supervisors, the county must develop an environmental impact report, which may take up to nine months.