Editor, Daily Nexus,

Nov. 1, 8 a.m.: Driving in my car, I tried to turn left off UCen Road onto Lagoon Road by Anacapa Residence Hall, when a student from another campus driving about twice the speed limit T-boned my 1990 Dodge Colt – the shittiest car in the world. Imagine the damage his F-150 caused. My car did a 180, the driver’s side passenger door was inverted, the same-side wheel was rent off and the back of my vehicle went up onto the cliff-side path. The spray paint, skid marks, dents in the asphalt and glass will be there for several weeks, but luckily, no one was seriously hurt.

I almost lost my life. I am not here to preach about the importance of driving safely. We should instead focus on the future and on preventing this from repeating. I propose this intersection be made into a three-way stop for at least the remainder of the construction. This is a blind turn and even Officer Probasco of the UCPD said they “exercise extra caution on this turn.” For our communal well-being, is it too much to ask the administration for some stop signs?