Students at UC San Diego returned to school Thursday after wildfires in the area forced the closure of the campus Monday through Wednesday.

University officials closed the school in response to both air quality concerns and requests from the county that residents keep roadways as clear as possible.

“San Diego County asked people to stay home if possible, and they were asking employers to give their employees the day off,” UCSD Assistant Director of Science Communications Sherry Seethaler said. “They wanted to keep the roads clear for emergency crews and people being evacuated.”

A university release announcing the re-opening of school said air quality had significantly improved on the campus. A release earlier in the week said “particulates have been raining down on the campus” as a result of the fires.

Seethaler said no decision had been made on whether to make up the three lost days of instruction.

“It’s always difficult to make up days because the whole [quarter] is planned out,” she said. “It would involve either running into exams or changing the whole schedule.”

The release said that university employees who could not return to work Thursday because of fire-related emergencies should notify their supervisors and would receive administrative leave with pay through the end of the week.

“That way no one has to take up sick days or vacation because of this,” Seethaler said, adding, “Students who can’t get back will be able to work with their professors to make up anything they miss.”