Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing you regarding the article “Curvy Cate Shouldn’t Try to Be Skinny Minnie” by Sam DeFranceschi that ran on Oct. 29.

I don’t know how else to express how I felt after reading the article except to say that I was totally floored. It amazed me to see that the author, Sam DeFranceschi, was able to address issues concerning a woman’s negative body image as well as dive into the realm of self-appreciation and acceptance. This exposed not only the problem that every woman in America is faced with but the solution as well.

“Go in front of the mirror naked,” Sam said. And we all stop and think, “Wait – isn’t that a bad thing?” “A shapely and large butt is something to flaunt,” he said. “Umm, come again?” After feeling inadequate in our own voluptuous bodies, it is refreshing to finally read something by such a cellulite-accepting, curve-loving man.

While we women are all envious that we all can’t look like Paris Hilton in a pleated mini, maybe our male counterparts aren’t looking for that unnaturally flat tummy or Barbie doll legs. That is what Sam has opened my eyes, as well as everyone else I have had the pleasure of discussing the article with, to: a whole new world of freedom. A world where barely-there ass shorts and hoochie mama push-ups aren’t what we squeeze our curvaceous selves into in the morning. A world where our natural body shape is 10 times better than anything we can attempt to remodel it into. A world where all eyes aren’t on the shortest skirt in the room, but the most well-filled skirt. So when Sam said “bravo” to the girls in his article who accept their bootylicious backsides, I have to stop and return the favor. Bravo, Sam!