With Halloween weekend parties upon us, I’m sure the police department has been putting in much time and effort beefing up their force, pulling out all the stops and definitely sparing no tax money for this year’s crazy Friday. It makes me feel safe knowing they are around to help as I walk the mean streets of Isla Vista.

I suppose I honor this fact for my own safety and the safety of my fellow partygoers. But will this increase in officers help us if some aren’t even doing their jobs in the first place?

Just last week I was in front of a residence on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive and noticed six male officers speaking to a group of young women. My curiosities led me to take a closer look at this scene, and I saw no reason for the police officer’s presence.

When I think of all the duties an officer has, this sure wasn’t one of them. These officers were not serving or protecting the public; in fact it was apparent that they were serving their own flirtatious desires and protecting themselves from doing the work they’re paid to do. They were laughing, smiling and talking up a storm as if they were killing time at a club.

I couldn’t imagine that taxpayers funded this handful of officers to explain to these girls how long and hard their batons are. I suggest these officers feed their sick personal desires on their own time, not the county’s.

This not only creates tax money problems, but more importantly, it produces dangerous situations. Officers are of the greatest importance to public safety, especially on this Halloween weekend. These officers were unnecessarily preoccupied and this can prove dangerous in the case of an emergency requiring alert and immediate attention.

This lack of responsibility poses a danger for the safety of me, you and anyone else who wants to have a safe partying experience on Del Playa.

I can only hope that this Friday’s increase in police force will equate to an increase of honest working officers. I know we will all do our part in making this Halloween the greatest – and safest – Isla Vista has ever seen.

Keep in mind, however, that some of these officers have their own agenda, and we cannot depend on them for help in a real time of need because they may be “busy” having their own fun.

Roland Reeds is an Isla Vista resident.