For one night at Hillel, students and senior citizens did not have to worry about their fashion differences, because everybody looked weird.

The Hillel Center in Isla Vista held its third annual Halloween Costume Ball Wednesday night. Associated Students’ Community Affairs Board, the Forest Foundation and the Hillel Center sponsored the ball. About 100 senior citizens and students filled Hillel’s Social Hall dressed up as everything from scarecrows and pirates to princesses and fairies. Students and seniors danced to oldies and swing music. The students outnumbered the seniors, but not by much.

One senior citizen said she was pleased that the music came from her generation.

“I came to watch the people dance,” said Louise Markers, a senior citizen who regularly attends the senior citizen events at Hillel.

Ashley Rothenberg, a third-year Spanish and sociology double major who headed the organizing committee for the event, said the committee began planning the event before Fall Quarter began. The dance is especially planned for senior citizens, many of whom come from the Santa Barbara area and from the Santa Barbara Jewish Federation and the Goleta Community Center.

“People have lots of fun,” said Zuri Magers, a member of the costume ball committee. “Every year it’s getting bigger and better.”

“Any excuse to dress up and have fun is good enough for me,” said Dara Moss, a junior anthropology and film studies major.

Many of the senior citizens attending said they were grateful to the students who helped organize the event and approached them and told them know how much fun they were having.

“I think it’s amazing that young people are trying to give us old people a good time – I haven’t been on the dance floor in 40 years!” said a senior citizen and member of the Santa Barbara Jewish Federation who only identified herself as Ruth.

One senior expressed her gratitude by giving a gift to Katie Robinette, a freshman biopsychology major and a member of C.A.B.

“Some lady gave me a bellybutton lint cleaner,” Robinette said. “So if you didn’t come, you totally missed out.”