Editor, Daily Nexus,

In his Thursday column, “Marriage Protection Week Is a Time to Fight Love,” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 23) Loren Williams ridicules his opponents instead of constructing any logical replies to their arguments. In fact, the purpose of Marriage Protection Week is to preserve the definition of marriage as a lifelong relationship between a man and woman and prevent government endorsement of other relationships.

When he states, “I think that allowing and encouraging all sorts of loving relationships will make our society stronger, not weaker,” the implication is that loving relationships include sex. Does he really believe that allowing and encouraging sex between fathers and daughters will improve our society? What about sex between a man and his dog or a Fundamentalist Mormon and his 15 wives?

Finally, he writes, “I shudder to think about the kind of romance that the social conservatives envision,” apparently indicating he has never known any socially conservative married people. As the child of two social conservatives, I find his caricature ignorant and demeaning. If he would like to see what such a relationship looks like, I will gladly pay for him to travel to my hometown and observe my parents firsthand.