Wednesday night, student government reported it played the stock market and won, gaining roughly $45,000.

At the Associated Students Legislative Council meeting, Off-campus Representative Christopher Mata said A.S.’ investment of roughly $475,000 produced a positive return of 13.08 percent. It was unclear when the investments were made or what they were.

“We’ve been doing very well,” Mata said; “we’ve invested conservatively.”

On-campus Representative Adam Graff said he attended a recent A.S. Academic Affairs Board meeting, where the board discussed the possibility of a “quasi-education abroad” program in partnership with New York University. The program would allow students from either university to take courses at the other and easily transfer those units, Graff said.

Graff said the UCSB Economics and History Depts. would benefit the most from the exchange because of New York’s strong cultural history and the extreme importance of Wall Street as an economic center.

“New York is such a financial center, and NYU is renowned for its business economics department,” Graff said.

The goal for the board is to realize the program by the end of the school year, or “to be at the point where it will be done the following year,” Graff said. “There are means, and the desire is there. All of us are interested in seeing this come to life.”