Editor, Daily Nexus,

On Oct. 21, 2003, you ran a comic strip titled, “The Assylum.” This comic strip offended me because I have spent a week in a psychiatric hospital. I ended up in the hospital because last year, I tried to kill myself and was trying to end a drug addiction. I am doing a lot better now and attend weekly therapist meetings. This does not make me a freak show or strange, as was portrayed in your comic.

Many people see therapists on a regular basis, and it is a very healthy outlet for myself and others. The peers I met in the hospital all looked very normal, much like me, but were struggling inside with problems. It was just a bunch of depressed people, trying to learn to want to live. Being in the hospital was a profound experience for me, since it made me want to live my life. It has been almost a year since I left the hospital, and I still remember everybody I met there, and the things I learned.

Please be more aware of your readers with this topic – and whom you might offend.