Editor, Daily Nexus,

Walking around campus recently, I noticed a ton of small white flyers taped over many of the flyers I had posted for an event at the Women’s Center, the 11th Annual National Young Women’s Day of Action Faire. The flyers include the large but extremely vague question, “Conservative Feminism?” And in the lower right-hand corner, in small print, “College Republicans.” They were also illegally posted on most of the lampposts and trees on campus (which College Republicans can and probably will be fined for). I am not quite clear on the aim of this massively obscure waste of paper, but if it is a question, allow me to attempt to answer it.

Feminism is not about being one way or another. It is about choice. It is a system of thought that says women should be and are capable of being anything they want to be. No one should be allowed to dictate the way a woman should live her life but herself. So, in this way, yes, a feminist can be a conservative. However, some may argue that conservatism goes against the beliefs of many feminists. And, C.R., if these flyers were meant to advertise an event of some kind, don’t hide out behind unclear catchphrases; say it loud! If you want any tips on publicity, come by the Women’s Center; I would be happy to help.

If these flyers were intended to say something about the Feminist Faire that is being held next Thursday, October 23rd, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Women’s Center Lawn, then I encourage the College Republicans to come and deliver their message in a less encrypted manner there.

This event has been held since 1992 to commemorate the death of Rosie Jimenez, a university student who died because she did not have access to a funded, safe and legal abortion, and refused to use her tuition money to get one. In order to ensure that this never happens again, various campus and community organizations will join us on this day to offer opportunities to empower and enliven the university experience. I encourage everyone to come explore their options, try something new, and learn from others who are working for women’s rights in the areas of sexual and reproductive freedom, social and economic justice, political movements, and voter registration. So come out and celebrate – no matter what color, size, gender, sexuality or political party, we hope to see you there!