Everyone is talking about porn. With the arrival of porn parties in I.V., even the chancellor and A.S. felt it necessary to issue warnings and official statements on the matter. So, as your Wednesday Humper, I figured I needed to throw in my two cents.

We’ve all heard criticisms of porn: “It demoralizes women.” “It contributes to rape and violence against women.” “It creates high expectations from men.” There may be some validity to these concerns, but we shouldn’t discount the positive aspects of porn.

Quite frankly, I am glad that people are beginning to discuss porn. Porn is no longer considered taboo. It’s all over the Internet and TV. The subject has been brought into arenas like our newspapers and magazines and it seems everyone has an opinion and each is valid. Personally, I’m just glad I no longer feel like a sex-crazed pervert when I slip a video into my VCR.

Porn has changed the way that women feel about their sex lives. Hooker types no longer dominate porn. Older porn from the’80s always showed actresses that looked like, well, porn actresses. Today, porn stars come from every sector of society. You can find young college types, complete with ponytails and ankle socks. There are natural looking classy women that don’t look like porn stars. There are even tasteful flicks that cater especially to women, emphasizing affection and lovemaking. For me, the raunchier, the better. Give me the body-slapping, toe-curling, wailing indecencies of hardcore porn.

The banality of porn sends a progressive message to women everywhere. It is hard to claim that only married women and whores should engage in and enjoy sex. Sex has become available to all women in our society. Terms such as “whore,” “slut” and “ho” will cease to have the effect they currently have. These distinctions will become blurred when there is a general acceptance of women’s healthy and active sex lives. The slut/stud double standard could receive a blow from pornography. (No pun intended.)

In my view, porn provides a healthy outlet for sexuality. I don’t think it’s a good substitute for normal relationships, but it sure comes in handy when you’re horny as hell and lack a significant other to help you out. Porn provides that added visual stimulus when you want to spice up a masturbation session. There’s just something about watching two (or more) people doing the nasty. Normally we don’t get to see what we look like during sex. The experience changes when you’re a spectator. There’s a distinct naughtiness about watching people make love or, if you prefer, wild feral carnal fucking. It’s all great.

Then there are the things you learn from watching porn. Seriously, would it have ever occurred to you to give somebody a rim job? No, of course not. We are not born knowing these things. Or what about performing oral sex on a woman? Some of you learned your best technique from watching lesbian scenes. And I think that’s great – all men, as a service to women everywhere, should watch lesbian porn. The ladies in your sex life would be grateful.

The fact that porn and sex is everywhere reflects society’s acceptance of and demand for it. Advertisers learned this many years ago. Sex sells. And it sells big. Sales of porn far outnumber sales of regular Hollywood movies. But even those are laden with sexual imagery. It seems that porn is here to stay and that’s just fine by me. As someone who’s alive below the waist, I think I’ll go watch “Anal Antics” now.

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