The collection of short films being shown tonight at UCSB will run the gamut from a profile of a Norwegian base jumper to a film essay about dirt.

Telluride Mountainfilm Festival on Tour comes to Campbell Hall tonight at 7:30. The program consists of 11 short films from the Mountainfilm Festival, which has been held each Memorial Day weekend in Telluride, Colorado for the past 26 years. The short films, one of which is excerpted from a feature-length film, range in length from four to 48 minutes.

The longest film, “Mzima: Haunt of the Riverhorse,” is the highlight of the program, Arts & Lectures manager Roman Baratiak said.

“It’s about a spring that appears in the Kenyan mountains after 25 years underground,” he said. “There’s volcanic rock everywhere, and then there’s this spring that sprays out crystal clear water. This whole ecosystem pops up around the spring that is dominated by hippos. Normally when you see footage of hippos, they are in muddy water and you can’t really see. But this one looks as if they shot it in a pool somewhere.”

The Mountainfilm tour first came to UCSB five years ago and was nearly sold out, Baratiak said. This year’s tour also includes a film about beach sculptures made from balanced rocks, an animated feature in which pets express their inner feelings, and a few films dedicated to extreme sports like mountain climbing, whitewater rafting and basejumping, an illegal sport in which one parachutes from a fixed object such as a bridge or skyscraper.

“This event doesn’t just have adrenaline films,” Baratiak said. “It has cultural films and wildlife documentaries, along with all the base jumping and river running stuff.”

Tickets cost $12 for the public, $10 for UCSB students and children 18 and under, and will be available at the door beginning at 6:30.