Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m a freshman here at UCSB, and I find it quite biased to continually include pro-Israeli, Arab-bashing articles in your newspaper. Whether they are included in the opinion section or not, it’s insulting that you are bashing even a minor part of the UCSB student population. If you want to talk about such cruel injustices against Israeli people, play it fair. Also mention the growing injustices inflicted among the Palestinians, like the thousands that are homeless because of endless air strikes and tank bombardments taking place on a daily basis. In a society where we preach equality and tolerance of all peoples, what type of message are we sending about Arabs when we constantly bash, humiliate and smear them? How are we going to create a more tolerant and accepting society when so much propaganda infests our media? I would greatly appreciate it if you could stop this ongoing attack on Arabs.