Editor, Daily Nexus,

We all know that the financial situation at UCSB is currently dire. Tuition has seen unprecedented hikes, clubs and organizations have had their budgets slashed, etc.; this has caused some groups to protest.

On Friday afternoon, in fact, there was a teaching assistant demonstration outside of Phelps Hall. Now, I’m all for strikes – I think if you have a valid cause to complain about, nothing will change unless someone takes a stand. But on this particular Friday afternoon, I had my last section before my first midterm: yes, even though we’re only three weeks into the school year, already midterms begin to haunt and torment us.

Unfortunately, this class was distracted by the obscene amount of noise coming from the demonstrators. They were chanting. They were yelling. They were playing music. They even had several drums they were banging on, just to cause more noise. Why drums? Why couldn’t my TA, who chose to do the job he’s being paid for, get his lesson plan across?

As a student at UCSB, my first priority is to get the best education I can. The TAs especially should respect this, since it’s their first priority to provide me with that education. But just hammering out as much superfluous noise on campus as possible is not the way. I know my class wasn’t the only one affected by this crass demonstration. There are plenty of classes in and around Phelps Hall on Friday afternoons.

Demonstrators, I’m just saying this: if you’re going to protest, have a little consideration and respect for the rest of the student body. School is hard enough as it is without having to contend with background noise. Hold your demonstrations in places that aren’t surrounded by classes; for example outside of the UCen, or in front of Chancellor Yang’s house.

And please, don’t bring those godforsaken drums.