Proposition 53 is the closest thing to being boring to the point of death that anyone at this office has ever encountered.

An interesting scheme, really, if its intent is as malicious as its possibilities.

Prop 53 would set aside 1 percent of the general fund for work on California’s infrastructure – including roads, water plants, canals, prisons, university and state college facilities, health facilities and parks – and then increase annually at an expected rate of 0.3 percent, depending on state revenues.

Doesn’t sound that bad. California should be spending money on that stuff anyway.

The problem: this legislation does not provide for anyone to be responsible for keeping an eye on what gets done with this money.

The wrong people could cause a lot of trouble with this. Contracts could be handed out to supporters of politicians in return for their continued support, and no one would ever know about it.

Billions of dollars should not be locked out of the public eye into specific spending in the midst of this budget crisis.

The Daily Nexus opposes Proposition 53.