A day after one of the more strange and terrible nights in the residence hall’s history, some Francisco Torres residents are worrying, some are speculating and a few are joking.

Eighteen-year-old Edidiong Udo, an FT resident, entered multiple rooms on the fourth and fifth floors of the building’s south tower, police allege, committing offenses ranging from groping to attempted rape in the early hours of Sunday morning. Udo is in custody in the Santa Barbara County Jail pending $60,000 bail, and his arraignment is scheduled for 8:30 at the Santa Barbara Superior Court, jail officials said.

By Monday evening, some residents had brushed the incident off, while others remained shaken.

“I definitely feel like my safety has been violated,” freshman dramatic art major Erin First said. “When you come and live with people, you automatically trust them. You trust them with your personal space. This makes me wonder who else I am trusting.”

First’s roommate Alex Brown, a freshman psychology major, said she did not feel any less safe at FT.

“Maybe that’s dumb,” Brown said, “But I just think that he was a psycho.”

Rita Ornelas, assistant coordinator of the Rape Prevention Education Program at the UCSB Women’s Center, said at least two workshops would be held this week at FT.

“We have certainly been in communication with the staff there,” Ornelas said. “I think it’s great the campus community and the FT staff are coming together to understand the situation and prevent future incidents.”

Most of the men on the floor said the incidents had not changed their view of FT.

“As a male citizen of FT, I don’t feel affected,” freshman mechanical engineering major Yury Polnar said.

“It shows that people should look through their peep hole, because that’s what they are there for,” freshman business economics major Chris Nguyen said.

Many residents said they had heard multiple versions of the night’s events.

“Some people are saying he was just too drunk and he thought it was his room,” First said. “But you don’t take your pants off and try to grope people if you think it’s your room.”

Dean of Students Yonie Harris said the Office of Student Life Disciplinary Committee has already begun an investigation that will determine Udo’s fate at the school, including possible expulsion. Harris said the OSL would collaborate with police for the investigation.

“We’ve been talking to a couple of the people involved,” Harris said.

Harris said Udo would not be allowed on campus if he were to post bail.

Reached at his home in Los Angeles, Udo’s father said he was unsure if he and his wife would attend Udo’s arraignment.