A UCSB graduate will face a student conduct hearing after allegedly threatening a teaching assistant with bodily harm after failing a course.

Bartyn Pitts, 35, received an F in his Law and Society 174 course during summer school. Law and Society chair Kathleen Moore said Pitts first tried to have the grade changed by making accusations of unspecified inappropriate behavior by his TA. When that attempt failed, Pitts “made threats on the TA’s life,” Moore said.

Pitts, who called the TA “a close friend,” told a different version of the story.

“He knows I never threatened him,” he said. “He may think I threatened him, but I didn’t mean to do that in any way. If he thinks I did, I just want him to know I’m sorry. But because of the situation I can’t even call him to say that.”

Moore said Pitts received the grade for “having done no work.”

Pitts said he and the TA “had a little falling out” and that the TA gave him the F “as an emotional response to an argument.”

Pitts also said that after the argument the TA stopped accepting his papers.

Pitts is barred from the UCSB campus pending the Oct. 3 conduct hearing. The UC Police Dept. issued a flier with Pitts’ photograph stating that Pitts could be arrested for trespassing if he is seen on campus.

“That’s all right with me,” Pitts said. “I’m on my way to Hawaii to build some houses, surf and get healthy.”

Since Pitts has already graduated, it is unclear what penalties he might face at a student conduct hearing. Pitts said that in repeated calls to the Law and Society office he was unable to obtain that information or even the date of the hearing.

“I just hope they don’t withhold my diploma,” Pitts said.