Discovery, UCSB’s annual journal for undergraduate research, is currently accepting research papers from all areas of study for publication in next year’s edition.

Entries must be submitted by Friday, June 20 and will be reviewed by a panel of editors composed of faculty representing various fields who will decide whether they qualify for publication.

“We have had papers [in the past] in many areas, some of them virtually cutting-edge at the time,” said Eugene Johnsen, a UCSB professor emeritus of mathematics and general editor of Discovery. “Typically these are papers that reflect the work of upper-division students, usually seniors, occasionally juniors, who have really progressed to the point where they can actually do research in the field they’re interested in.”

Next year’s edition will mark Discovery’s 25th year of publication. The journal was started in 1978 as a venue where research conducted by undergraduates in all areas of study could be published and acknowledged. The guidelines of Discovery state that it was established to “give undergraduate students at UCSB, who are doing advanced research and writing, the opportunity and experience of bringing their work to culmination as published articles.”

The journal’s guidelines require submissions to consist of original, scholarly research and writing and include a written recommendation from a permanent faculty member, preferably in the same area of study. Over 75 percent of the work should be of the student’s own work and proper citations and credits should be given to all those involved. Work must also be of considerably high quality for undergraduate students and complete and accurate. Papers should also be readable and free of jargon with special terminology clearly defined.

Entries that meet these guidelines and are approved by the editors will be published in the next issue of Discovery. There is no limit to the number of papers that can be published, so the editors will choose as many entries as they deem suitable. Once review of all submitted work is completed, the journal will be published as soon as possible next year.

Interested students can pick up the submission forms in South Hall, Room 6607. Submissions should include both summer and fall addresses and phone numbers, and be sent to DISCOVERY, c/o Dept. of Mathematics, South Hall 6607, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 93106. The journal is open to all undergraduate students from all fields of study.