Thought Mike Patton disappeared from the face of the earth after Faith No More disbanded in 1998? He’s actually been keeping himself quite busy with several bands and his very own record label. As a matter of fact, one of his side projects is the more recent outfit, Tomahawk.

Mit Gas is Tomahawk’s second album on Patton’s label, Ipecac, and the metal-punk fusion is more than mildly reminiscent of latter-day Faith No More. The repetitive drumbeats and slightly-less-than-hardcore guitar riffs, however, make the album a disappointment at best to longtime FNM fans.

The first few minutes of “Birdsong” manage to retain interest, but the album dwindles considerably from there. The amateur-style mixing and mastering doesn’t help much, either.

Tomahawk’s sound is simple, with a style more similar to an I.V. garage band than a professional recording artist. In terms of vocal style, it feels like a blend of Metallica, Rammstein and maybe a smidgen of Tool. Originality, however, is not Tomahawk’s forte.

If you’re an FNM fan searching for a novelty item to add to your CD collection, Tomahawk’s Mit Gas would be a safe but second-rate investment. If looking for an album to enthrall, entertain and stretch the limits of one’s musical capacity, keep on searchin’.

Listen to this album and you’ll probably end up searching for something better to do with your time. The music might be mind-numbing but definitely not captivating. There also must be mention of titling one’s songs “Rape This Day” and “Harelip.” Artsweek says, “Yech.” Patton should have stuck with his roots rather than let a group of mediocre musicians take a free ride on his legendary name.

[Kristina Ackermann gets a giganto-riffic pat on the back from a very grateful Artsweek. Mwah.]