Editor, Daily Nexus,

We have all deservedly heard of the terrible cases of war crimes committed recently by the Iraqis. But why have we not heard of the war crimes committed by the U.S.? There have been cases of the U.S. violating or potentially violating international and Geneva accords. A U.N. resolution has declared that the use of depleted uranium shells, which the U.S. has regularly used, is a violation in that the U.N. has labeled depleted uranium as a weapon of mass destruction. Thousands of civilians will suffer diseases in the future, as doctors have documented in the past. And the weapon violates at least five international treaties. Also, human rights groups have criticized the use of cluster bombs in populated areas. And the U.S. stated possible use of riot-control substances, like tear gas, is also considered a chemical treaty violation.

The bombing of TV stations in Iraq is against the Geneva accords unless the stations are being directly used for military purposes. The head of the relevant international journalist association has already come out strongly against that. There are the cases of journalists condemning the U.S. military attack on the Palestine Hotel for foreign journalists, when journalists contended no fire came from the hotel first. Also, U.S. Special Forces have been going without uniforms in Iraq. The answer given by a government/military spokesperson about that was total doublespeak.

Also, a non-embedded Australian senior correspondent wrote about observing and being sent away from a school where U.S. military was occupying and Kurds were not very happy about use of a civilian location for military work. And while Iraqi parading of U.S. soldiers in front of the camera was cited, how about U.S. parading of soldiers in the Guantanamo Bay Base and in Afghanistan.