Editor, Daily Nexus,

This week’s display of protest signs outside the Women’s Center is a stunning example of blind partisanship and utter disdain for the truth. Comparing the president of the United States to Hitler proves just how out of touch the Women’s Center is with reality.

What their display really proves is that opposition to the war in Iraq (which we won, by the way, which the Iraqi people are pretty happy about) is more about liberal dissatisfaction with the Bush administration than it ever was about oil or pacifism.

What the war protesters are really upset about is that Bush and his administration, and the prime minister in Great Britain, fought a war based solely on moral terms. The war was fought because Saddam Hussein was a bad man who did awful things to his own people and threatened the safety of the region. The Iraqis understand this, but some Americans, spoiled by prosperity and freedom for which they have not had to pay, do not.

Our generation has been taught that right and wrong is a hoax, that prosperity is something to be ashamed of and that rights are entitlements without duty. To the careful observer of what really happened in Iraq this past month, one realizes that each of these lessons is a lie. The thoughtful observer will remember that freedom, even for people half a world away, is never free.