Attention campus artists: Imagine seeing 15,000 miniaturized duplications of your artwork on sale for $150 a pop, then seeing them zoom around campus on car windshields. For a small group of UCSB’s most talented people, this dream could become reality.

UCSB Parking Services is holding an open contest in search of the artwork for next year’s parking permits. The contest, which will select different designs for 33 permit models, is open to everyone in the campus community including students, faculty and all campus employees. Entrants have until May 5 to e-mail their artwork in .jpeg format to Transportation and Parking Services Sales and Citations Manager David Connor.

Parking Services is accepting all forms of art, including painting, photography and digital media. Connors and a small committee will review all the submissions and make the selections, which will be used for all 2003-04 permits, within a few days. The committee will consist of about five Transportation and Parking Services employees and possibly someone from the Art Studio Dept. Connors said he sent an e-mail to the department but has not yet received a reply.

“I figure it will take us about four days to weed through everything,” Connors said.

The contest has no official theme, but Connors said submissions should involve the “academic zone.”

“We’re looking for things along the line of ‘university pride,’ but we won’t turn anything away,” he said. “We won’t censor art.”

There is currently no monetary prize for winners, but Connors said one could still be added. The main compensation winners will receive is the recognition and visibility their art could receive on a permit sticker.

“We have to go to Administrative Services and the chancellor to see if we can even give a monetary prize,” Connors said. “And I don’t want to put that promise out there and not be able to come through.”

Submissions should be e-mailed to