Staffers and disc jockeys from KCSB 91.9 FM carted hundreds of archaic, rejected or duplicate CDs and vinyl records from their collection out to Storke Plaza on Thursday and sold them at bargain prices.

KCSB Program Manager Oscar Garcia said the station plans to donate all proceeds from the sale to their sister station, 93.0 Soshanguve – a rural community radio station run by volunteers in South Africa.

“Last year we were able to raise $400 and provide them with some more professional equipment and technical support,” Garcia said. “When they started broadcasting, they only had a pair of headphones, a microphone, CD player, a tape player, a recorder and one small mixer.”

KCSB Internal Music Director Kevin Fink said the station raised over $350 between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., which will be added to the $57 a similar music sale netted last week.

KCSB General Manager Maiya Evans said the station was hoping to raise at least $200.

Individual discs sold from 25 cents to several dollars depending on their condition. Buyers could also purchase value packages of up to 50 discs for $12.

Fink said station music directors gleaned the radio’s archives of old hip hop, independent rock and other music that was too commercial to be played on KCSB’s more underground rotation.

“Some of the stuff out here is actually good stuff that we just never re-filed,” Fink said.

KCSB adviser Elizabeth Robinson said she found out about the South African radio station at a January 2001 World Social Forum in Brazil which included representatives from the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), an international organization that promotes community radio with almost 3,000 members in 106 countries.

“We trained someone from the Soshanguve station who had never touched a computer before,” Robinson said. “When I came back and told the KCSB students about it, we decided to adopt their station. We can’t make money from the sale of our music since it was all donated, but we can give it to organizations.”

Robinson said that KCSB donated old music to Isla Vista Youth Projects two years ago, before they starting giving money and equipment to 93.0 Soshanguve.

KCSB is UC Santa Barbara’s student-run, community radio station that broadcasts from Storke Tower.

Craig Belon, who has been a KCSB disc jockey for two years, said there are still many students who do not know UCSB has a radio station on campus.

“Most people don’t even realize we have a radio station,” Belon said. “We get to play stuff that you won’t hear anywhere else.”