Judging by Wednesday night’s Associated Students Legislative Council meeting, the school will probably not be blown up by terrorists, but student government may be asking for more money in the spring.

During the council’s public forum, UC Police Dept. Chief John MacPherson discussed possible terrorist threats to UCSB students. MacPherson said FBI Director Robert Mueller has identified universities as potential terrorist targets but said the threat was not imminent.

“There is no specific or credible threat to our campus,” MacPherson told the Leg Council.

However, MacPherson said basketball games are a safety risk due to the large number of people gathering in an enclosed space. Mandatory safety measures will be taken on a case-by-case basis, MacPherson said.

Leg Council later passed a resolution supporting the California Wild Heritage Campaign. The campaign’s goal is to pass a bill in Congress that designates certain publicly owned areas of California as protected.

“Our point is to get Senator Feinstein to sign on,” Representative-at-large Ginger Gonzaga said.

Copies of the resolution were sent to Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

In other news, the Program Board was one of several A.S. committees asking for permission at the meeting to put a lock-in fee increase on the spring ballot. The student-run group puts on events such as movie showings and concerts for UCSB students.

“Program Board is sort of being impacted by recharge fees,” Off-campus Representative Jeremy Lindaman said. He proposed a $1 increase, making the total fee $4.50 per student, per quarter.

A.S. Women’s Commission, A.S. Student Lobby and Students on Rising Fees also asked to be considered for fee increases. Due to A.S. bylaws, discussion of these fee increases was moved to next week. Any increases would not come into effect until the 2003-04 school year.