Editor, Daily Nexus,

Hey all you vagina-lovers here at UCSB! The most exciting month of the year is here, so get ready and come participate! The women of the UCSB Women’s Ensemble Theater Troupe are putting on a great event for everyone to come and get informed about Violence Against Women!

V-Day, known to some as Valentine’s Day, is approaching fast, reminding all of us of love and happiness, but also of the staggering sexual assault statistics that exist. For example, every two minutes a women is sexually assaulted somewhere in America. Or in South Africa “baby rape” (ages two months-12 years) happens with such frequency that it is hardly reported in the papers anymore. These are horrible but true statistics.

But you as a UCSB student do have the power to help. Come support V-Day by attending the Vagina Festival in the Arbor on Feb. 14, and make yourself an informed person. Also, buy a ticket to come and see “The Vagina Monologues” on Feb. 13, 21 and 22! This is going to be a great show, full of fun and laughs.

But more importantly, 100 percent of the proceeds from the show go to help local women’s charities that help women deal with sexual assault and lead the way to stopping the violence altogether. So come help us fill I.V. Theater and help us help the hundreds of thousands of women in this area alone that need those services so badly. Also join us on Feb. 14 in the Arbor and play some kick-ass games and pledge your name to help in the fight against violence.