In it’s spare time, the Weatherhuman enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and drawing extra black boxes on the crossword puzzle on page 7.

If you tried to do Monday’s crossword, the answer to 13 down was “REFIT.” Twenty-five across was “REPENT.” Of course, you would need an extra box to spell either of them.

Tuesday’s forecast: A four-letter word for “mischevious.”


In Monday’s paper, the space shuttle Endeavour and the Endeavour Center were incorrectly spelled as”Endeavor.” NASA favors the European spelling.

In Monday’s paper, the column, “Remember the Beauty of Exploration” states that the Columbia was designed to fly through 1982. This should have read 1992. It should also be noted that shuttles built after Columbia were intended to fly after 1992.

The Nexus regrets these errors.