Editor, Daily Nexus,

I came here 12 years ago attracted by many of the same ideals other immigrants came to America for. I am now a U.S. citizen because I love this country. I’m not so different from the rest of you. And neither are the people around the world and the people in Iraq. Most of them also love their country. I don’t want innocent blood shed for war, I’m afraid for my friends and family if war breaks out and I believe people in Iraq and certainly around the world have the same fears and hopes.

I don’t know a lot of background on this war, but why are we so eager to wage war? Ron Fink in his letter (Daily Nexus,”War in Iraq? Yes, Just as Long as It Doesn’t Come Back Home,” Jan. 22) claims its all for security and freedom. Wasn’t that the reason we attacked the terrorists in Afghanistan? Suddenly Iraq is such a major threat that Bush can’t even wait for the two months that France asked for the weapon inspectors to do their jobs. Terrorists are everywhere! Maybe it’s North Korea next. Then who? It’s “us” against “them.”

Bush can’t wait to go to war; Iraq is letting the weapon inspectors in their country. But we have nothing to fear, let’s just build “more sophisticated and accurate weapons!”

There’s going to be no war at home. It’s all about the biological and nuclear warfare nowadays. To think that war won’t come to America because we are superior in military strength is not only naive, but illogical. War will affect us all.

As college students, we are taught over and over again to question authority and ideologies. If we sit back and let the government decide everything for us, we become sheep led to the slaughterhouse.

So criticize! “No war – in America!” Not likely.