Editor, Daily Nexus,

This letter is in response to Jon Morin’s letter (Daily Nexus, “Heavy RecCen Congestion Is Not Worth the Weight,” Jan. 17).Morin should have done a bit more research before voicing his valid, although extremely misguided, complaints. Since Mr. Morin spends so much of his time at the RecCen, waiting for machines, I am shocked he did not notice the large, and colorful, bulletin board hanging directly across from the EFX machines.

The board was placed there by the RecCen staff to inform all students of the Recreation Center Expansion that is set to break ground this year. With the university’s ever-growing student population, buildings cannot be expected to spring up overnight to compensate for the increasing crowds. Three years ago students recognized the need for more space and voted to expand their recreation facilities. Since then, the university has been working closely with students and the California Coastal Commission to put their plan into action.

Paper-pushing and approval waits take time, however. Morin asks, “Why is there not a bigger gym?” The answer is: There will be. It is in the works right this second. And he’s right; students pay fees that are going toward the expansion they voted to pay for. Perhaps Morin should look into where his money goes before griping about how it is, or isn’t, being spent.

I’d like to also say that Morin’s suggestion to complain to the gym is misguided as well. We are already doing all we can to get the new building up and running. All we ask of you is a little patience.

I invite students to instead ask questions at the gym, to become informed about where their fees go and how their needs are being met. If Mr. Morin would like to complain, go ahead, but he’s a little too late and a little uninformed. The voice of your fellow students was already heard.