Editor, Daily Nexus,

While I do not disagree with Mr. [Drew] Atkins’ main point (“Activists: Don’t Give Up Your Day Job,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 10, 2003), I think he unfairly characterizes an entire piece of legislation when he includes it among his examples of our civil rights “getting ripped to shreds bit by bit.”

One benefit of this new legislation is it strengthens our financial institutions’ anti-money-laundering policies in order to dissuade terrorist organizations from misusing our banks and brokerage firms.

By limiting access to our financial institutions, the Patriot Act, I hope, will help dry up the flow of funds to terrorists from within and outside the country.

I do not feel as though my civil rights have been affected in any manner by this act. They certainly have not been ripped to shreds.

I do feel that the Patriot Act may help deter others from engaging in activities that would adversely affect my civil rights. (I was in the lower part of the World Trade Center in New York when the first plane hit.) If the legislation works, the result would be greater protection from terrorism.