Readin’, Writin’, ‘Rithmatic

I have a bone to pick with the quarter system. Depending on the courses I take, I probably have somewhere between 100 and 300 pages of reading to do per week, per class.

In an average quarter I have four classes. That means as much as 1200 pages of reading per week.

Now, there are 24 hours in a day and five days in a school week. That means if I don’t sleep, I have 120 hours to read, which means 10 pages an hour.

It’s the first week of class and so far, I figure I’ve spent four hours standing in line, nine hours in lecture, nine hours eating, and 15 hours sleeping. This means, if I’d read every other waking hour, I would still be 370 pages behind.

Damn, I’m a bad student.

Thursday’s forecast: By the time you read this, you’ll be half a page behind.