What do a farting robot, a radio station in a suitcase and eyes in the back of your head have in common? Aside from attracting gawking onlookers, they are all exhibits in an upcoming art show.

The theme of the show is “Wild Territories,” and will include pieces by upper-division digital media students. Each student is responsible for incorporating some form of wireless media into their exhibit, be it FM radio, wireless LAN or video transmitters. The show, part of Digital Media 122, will be held in and around Arts 2222 on Dec. 11 from 7 to 9 p.m. and Dec. 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We took a different approach, more of a workshop environment. The class incorporates theory and application. The students are supposed to be learning in life,” Marko Peljhan, associate professor and teacher of Digital Media 122, said. “They have to have a concept and put it together. It’s all very important later.”

One exhibit likely to make an impact on UCSB students in the near future is Rogue Radio, a mobile, wireless MP3 player capable of transmitting commercial-free, low range signals throughout a two-block radius.

“We’re trying to transmit local bands to a local audience,” Neil Gavigan, one of the creators of Rogue Radio, said. “We’re a new thing for the Art Studio Dept., as far as the level of technology and money being spent.”

Other exhibits include a suit equipped with multiple cameras that transmit video from all sides of the suit. A third party is thus able to experience all angles of sight instantaneously, including views that the camera-wearer cannot see.

“We give the third party eyes in the back of their head. The third party never really knows which way they’re going and it is all interactive,” art studio major Jason Simpson said.

If you choose to attend, beware Hoodwink the Dupe, an interactive prank machine roughly the size of a small dog. It comes compete with farting sounds, jokes and cameras to record the whole thing.

The next Digital Media 122 class, in Winter Quarter, will focus on the notion of trajectory between art and sky. Titled “Sky Trajectories,” the show is planned for the end of March.

To find out more about Digital Media 122 and the types of projects that will be exhibited at the show, check out their website at www.arts.ucsb.edu/projects/wireless.