1. Celebrity I’m Not Ashamed to be Infatuated With – Conan O’Brien. He’s given us Triumph the Insult Dog, “The String Dance,” Jesus Christ sports action figurines and an all-out war with Michael Bolton. This comes after Harvard, “The Simpsons” and “Saturday Night Live.” -sigh-

2. Song That Totally Warrants Overplaying – “Seventeen” by Ladytron. Makes me desperately want to adopt an androgynous hairstyle and find a Casio keyboard from circa 1982.

3. Strangest Celebrity Sighting – Fred “Tubby” Durst catching a flick in Hollywood with singer-songwriter Pete Yorn. Fred’s an uncomfortable-looking midget and Pete looks like he has a wild animal on his head. But I swear, he gave me the eye.

4. Most Long-Awaited Arrival – “My So-Called Life” released as a DVD box set. College-age girls everywhere raise fists and recount how their eighth grade love life “totally related to this one episode where Jordan and Angela…”

5. Most Stylee Girl in a Movie – Shannyn Sossamon in “The Rules of Attraction.” Proof that a haircut