Bill’s Bus will resume delivering Isla Vista residents to Santa Barbara’s downtown scene a bit earlier than expected.

The I.V. service will be providing safe transportation between I.V. and the downtown area tonight, as well as on Saturday and Tuesday nights. In the following weeks, the bus will be picking up passengers on its regular schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Bill’s Bus owner and operator Bill Singer said he had originally anticipated having his bus moving again sometime before mid-December. However, Singer received a new permit from the California Public Utilities Commission that allows him to resume immediately.

“It should be up and running today,” Singer said.

Although legal complications presently prohibit Singer from explaining why Bill’s Bus was temporarily out of service, he said his old permit was the root of the problem. Singer said the arrival of the new permit allows him to squeeze in three extra business days before Thanksgiving break.

Bill’s Bus may also make Wednesdays a party night, as Singer may begin running passengers that day.

Bill’s Bus will be picking up passengers at its usual spot on Embarcadero del Mar near Anisq’Oyo’ Park this evening.