Thursday, Nov. 7

What about all those “big thoughts and big feelings” swirling in your head that you’d like to see enacted in song, dance and theater? Say hello to The Joe Goode Performance Group to and their “Best of Joe Goode” show tonight in Campbell Hall. The dancers will even be available to chat post-show. Show starts at 8. Tickets are $16. Or, mosey over to “Terrorism and Kabaab,” a film screening about a modern Egyptian comic being shown in the MCC Theater. Expect a few doses of political and social commentary brewed in with the jokes. For more information, call 893-8411. Starts at 6 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 8

You’ve probably heard of it, but you may never have brought your hot self over to the BIKO House, located at 6612 Sueno Rd. in I.V. Tonight is the night, so go check out The Threads, Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower, and Bullet Train to Vegas performing raucous indie-rock, starting at 8. Suggested donation of $5. Call 988-7754 for info. If the shaggy-haired rock kids aren’t your flavor, check out KCSB’s benefit concert, featuring L.A. hip hop duo Emanon as they perform tonight at 6570 Cordoba Rd. There will be a raffle so you can snatch goodies. Donations accepted at door. Starts at 10.

Saturday, Nov. 9

Science geeks, Artsweek has not forgotten you! Today is your day to admire “PhotoGENEsis: Opus 2 – Artists’ Response to the Genetic Information Age” with over 40 international artists examining the impact of the Watson-Crick double-helix discovery. Held at the SB Museum of Art. Call 963-4364 for info. Blazing Haley’s most recent CD, titled “Mas Chingon” may mean something dirty in Espa–ol, but Artsweek may still be at SohO, located at 1221 State St., where these local rockabilly punks will start to get their thangs shaking at 9:30 p.m. Call 962-7776 for more info. 21+.

Sunday, Nov. 10

Rrrow! Hiss! Purr! At 2 p.m. today, the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum showcases “Cats!” You can get up close and personal with Bengal and Siberian tigers, shown one time at time. (Insert feline sexual reference here ) It isn’t a petting zoo, but you might get a pet or two, if you’re clever. Call 682-4711 for info. The 10th Annual Santa Barbara Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, which started on Friday, will screen its last films tonight with special guests at the Fiesta Five Theatre, 917 State St.

Monday, Nov. 11/Tuesday, Nov. 12

Ventura all-star rockers BabelFish42 will play alongside Double Wide, Endothrot and Imbrue at the Coachhouse, 110 Santa Barbara St. The show is $5 for all ages. Call 965-0789 for more info. As for Tuesday, check out “Gifts of the Plant World: Native American Healing Traditions” and get some free herbal tea. Judy BlueHorse Skelton, besides having a badass name, will incorporate a holistic approach to restoring harmony and health. Best of all… it’s F-to-the-R-to-the-double-E! Show starts at 6 p.m. in the MCC Lounge.

Wednesday, Nov. 13

In support of their 11th full-length album, Internet Dating Superstuds, punk revivalists The Vandals will play alongside Tsunami Bomb tonight at the Living Room. Show starts at 8. Call 692-8550 for info, or stop by Just Play Music, located at 619 State St. for tickets. Otherwise, you’d be as happy as a clam should you attend the opening reception for an oil and acrylic painting student exhibit in the CCS Art Gallery, on campus. Guzzle wine, nibble crackers and ogle the pretty, pretty pictures. Stop drooling. Starts at 6 p.m.