Everybody likes water, just as long as it isn’t brown, full of silt and smelling like old tires.

Proposition 50 will generate $3.44 billion through bonds for a variety of water projects, ranging from water quality programs to coastal restoration. The largest portion of the allotted money, $950 million, will go toward preserving and maintaining wetlands and watersheds in the state. With California’s water sources tapped out as it is, this measure will help reduce the strain on our state’s environment.

Opponents criticize this measure because it doesn’t create any new water sources through the installation of more dams. Never mind the fact that dams wreak havoc on downstream ecosystems and never quite accomplish what they were intended for.

The Colorado River is shot to hell and the last thing it needs is another dam. This measure responsibly targets the water quality and supply problems facing California without causing more environmental strain.

This measure may come with a heavy price tag, but the cause is more than worth it.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses Proposition 50.