It’s easy to get by in the United States if you’re young, well-off and male. For people stuck in the cracks and crevices of our nation, things aren’t so easy.

This trust fund act will issue $2.1 billion in bonds toward services for battered women, the homeless and the elderly. The majority of the money, $1.1 billion, will create a variety of programs targeted at low-income families to help make housing more affordable and combat homelessness in our state.

This proposition will also create more shelters and services for women and children subjected to domestic violence in their own homes. These services are sorely needed since many cities in California lack adequate facilities to deal with domestic violence victims.

Two other bond measures, propositions 47 and 50, exist on the ballot this year, and California’s bond rating isn’t exactly as healthy as it used to be. Still, this proposition is a way for voters to help out those less fortunate in life.

Domestic violence and homelessness are two huge problems in the nation right now; Proposition 46 gives the state the ability to effect some changes here at home.

The Daily Nexus endorses Proposition 46.