Associated Students Legislative Council convened last night for a short and uneventful meeting and then adjourned for the week.

A bill to amend the Associated Students Program Board Code was postponed and a resolution to encourage students to vote was withdrawn.

Off-Campus Representative Eva von Thury postponed the bill to amend the A.S. Program Board Code. According to von Thury, the bill sought to update the A.S. By-Laws to better reflect what Program Board currently does.

“A lot of the stuff in the by-laws is outdated,” von Thury said. “Either Program Board doesn’t do it anymore or the committees have different names, or different people have different responsibilities.”

Von Thury said the bill was postponed because A.S. is focusing on current events it is hosting, such as the George Clinton concert on Nov. 5, and there were a number of amendments that were not included in the first draft of the bill.

The bill would also add a Production Assistant as a new voting position to Program Board. The Production Assistant would serve to assist the Production Coordinator, who is responsible for managing Program Board’s audio, lights and stage equipment.

“The Production Assistant this year has a lot of knowledge and pretty much the same amount of knowledge as the Production Coordinator,” von Thury said. “So it just gives him the same powers in the by-laws.”

The A.S. resolution to encourage student voter registration was withdrawn by Off-Campus Representative Marshall Higa who had originally seconded the resolution. Off-Campus Representative, and the resolution’s author, Jeremy Lindaman was not present at the meeting because he was studying for midterms.

Lindaman later said he would have withdrawn the bill had he been able to attend Leg Council.

“It was a resolution that had little promise of ever being implemented. I just wanted to have awareness that it was Election Day, Nov. 5.,” Lindaman said. “We’ve been trying to push for greater registration among students. In consultation with people, it would just be another A.S. bill. The resolution really would kinda be overlooked.”

In other announcements, A.S. President Chrystine Lawson said that meetings regarding A.S. fund-raising will continue to be held Mondays after Finance Board meetings in the Flying A Studios room of the Ucen and Tuesdays at 3 p.m. in the A.S. office. The first fund-raising meeting happened last Monday after Finance Board meeting.