A Drunk in Hot Water
Daily Californian
Oct. 16, 2002

A drunk UC Berkeley fraternity member allegedly attempted to force himself into an occupied Pi Beta Phi shower Oct. 11 in an attempt to bathe with an unwilling sorority member.

The incident occurred when Javaid Ansari, 20, a member of Phi Kappa Tau, allegedly broke a window at around 3:30 a.m. and entered the sorority house. The house mother confronted Ansari, telling him to wait on the stairs while she called police.

Ansari then allegedly ran upstairs and entered a bathroom where a sorority member was taking a shower. Claiming he wanted to “take a shower” with the woman, Ansari unsuccessfully attempted to open the shower door.

Police arrested Ansari as he supposedly followed another woman toward her room.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out
Daily Californian
Oct. 14, 2002

Two unsuspecting victims were shot with a pellet gun in separate incidents Oct. 13 in South Berkeley. The second shooting occurred within 20 minutes of the first at a separate location.

The individuals’ injuries were described as relatively minor and the second victim denied medical treatment.

The first victim was shot in the head at around 6:10 p.m. near the intersection of Ashby and College Avenues. Another man was then shot in the ear near the intersection of Dwight Way and McGee Avenue.

Both crimes appear to be random and the work of a single male sniper from a black sport utility vehicle, said Berkeley police Lt. Bud Stone. No arrests have been made.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Too
UCSD Guardian
Oct. 17, 2002

A series of flashing incidents in the UCSD area have put the university and community on alert. Beginning Aug. 29, there have been 12 reports of indecent exposure within a one-mile radius of the university. Police believe one individual is responsible for all the incidents and that he is becoming increasingly bold over time, striking at all hours of the day.

The most recent incident occurred Oct. 15, when the perpetrator exposed his genitals to a female student inside an off-campus elevator. He then made overt conversation and gestures to draw the victim to look at his genitals.

UCPD Detective Doug O’Dell said the first on-campus flashing incident occurred Oct. 13 in a UCSD parking lot.

“The perpetrator followed four female students driving in a car into the Matthews apartment area, where he pulled alongside their vehicle,” O’Dell told the UCSD Guardian. “The male told them that he wanted their opinion on something, at which point he raised himself up, exposing himself, and then began masturbating.”

Laughing the Night Away
Daily Californian
Oct. 18, 2002

An Associated Students meeting at UC Berkeley last Wednesday ended in a fit of laughter – 20 minutes’ worth.

“You are all out of order. I don’t know if you guys are A.D.D. tonight,” said Executive Vice President Han Hong at the meeting.

Aloha Independence Senator Kris Cuaresma-Primm said his girlfriend, UC Berkeley senior Mika Thieme, had released laughing gas from a scuba tank in the senate chambers while sitting in on the meeting.

Thieme later denied the claim, but admitted to opening a scuba tank outside the senate chambers.

“I don’t know why everyone was laughing, but it had nothing to do me,” Thieme told the Daily Californian.

According to senators present at the meeting, the outburst did not hinder their work.